Acadia's Anti-Bullying Kick-Off!!!
Stand Up, Speak Out
           Middle School's
         Anti-Bullying Rules

1.  We will not bully others.
2.  We will try to help students   
     who are bullied.
3.  We will try to include
     students who are left out.
4.  If we know that somebody is
     being bullied, we will tell an  
     adult at school and an adult at 
This week, Acadia homerooms spoke about the second anti-bullying rule: We will try to help students who are bullied.  Class meetings were centered around the idea of what role a bystander plays in bullying and how they as bystanders can play a more active role in stopping bullying from occuring.

Click here to see the script for the third class meeting.

The second class meeting focused on the first of Acadia's anti-bullying rules: We will not bully others.  Student discussion focused on understanding the difference between bullying, fighting, and "rough-and-tumble" play.  Students also discussed how situations can turn into bullying and what examples they have experienced or witnessed.  By understanding that bullying can take many different forms, students can take charge of their own behavior and stop bullying before it even starts.
Click here to see the script for the second class meeting.
Click here to read "Dan's Story".

Today marks the kick-off of Acadia's Anti-Bullying campaign!  In classrooms around the school, regular activity was suspended so that teachers and students could begin to have a dialogue about bullying in Acadia.  Students and teachers will be talking about how bullying affects others, how it can be prevented, and how it can be dealt with.  Today, the class meeting format was introduced and a kick-off video was shown, created by Acadia's own Jen Rosney and Christine Quatraro. 
Click here to see the video.

Click here to see the script of the first class meeting.





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