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"There are many elementary,middle school, and high school students out there who choose a sport that isn’t mainstream and work hard without much recognition. The Shenendehowa Winter Guard and its color guard program of more than 100 performers are in that category. They do it all: entertaining at halftime of football games on cold fall nights; taking long bus rides to places like Dayton, Ohio; cramming homework during road trips and before and after practices; and participating in fund-raiser after fund-raiser after fund-raiser. These kids and their support team of coaches, parents and friends are worthy of recognition."

By:Joyce Bassett/Times Union

If you think this sport isn't hard try doing this 7-20 times a year.

“In the finals, they will be performing in front of 8,000 to 10,000 people." says Shen Colorguard director, Scott Snell





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