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Ellis Island ferry house, Ellis Island, New York. General approach view, from boat.

Immigration and Ellis Island

Ellis Island     [top]

Welcome to Immigration
An interactive tour of Ellis Island

American Family Immigration History Center
Home page for Ellis Island.

Statue of Liberty National Monument and Ellis Island

Statue of Liberty
All the information one could want to know about the Statue of Liberty; the architect, the location, the date of construction, building type, style, dimensions and more.

Immigrants Experiences      [top]

Legacies Project
....explores the history of Chinese and Latino populations in the Capital District from the NYS Archives.

Immigrant Experience
Six portraits of Americans researching their family roots through Ellis Island from the American Family Immigration History Center at Ellis Island.

Port of Entry
" will assume the role of historical detective and search for clues to America's past in American Memory, the historical collections of the Library of Congress. You will investigate photographs and eyewitness accounts of immigrant life in America."

Photos of Ellis Island

The Changing Character of Immigration

Americans in the Raw

Where did people come from       [top]

Immigrant Experience: The Peopling of America

Overview of INS History

Living Conditions for Immigrants       [top]  

Lower East Side Tenement Museum

Living Conditions for Immigrants

Reason for Migrating       [top]

Thirteen Reasons Our Ancestors Migrated

Student Projects on Ellis Island       [top]

American Immigration
This project, completed in a 10th grade American History Class, was meant to give information as to how immigrants not only were treated, but also why they decided to come to America.

Welcome to Electronic Ellis Island: A Virtual Heritage Museum
This project was done "to chronicle and celebrate the diversity of the many cultures around our world through the eyes of children."

Teacher Resources       [top]

Learning Page of the Library of Congress

Immigration and Naturalization Service

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