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Social Studies Grade 5: The Big Book

Online Databases in your school library and from home:

To find information and pictures for North, Central, and South American Countries use EBSCO Primary Search, an online databases accessible in your school library, computer labs and some classrooms. This database is also accessible from home; please check with your school librarian for the passwords.
Mexico for Kids
This site has information on Mexico’s history, culture and traditions, government and more.
This section of the site covers the early history of Mexico including the Independence and The Revolution.  One may also find information on the rulers of Mexico here.
This area of the site gives information on the rivers, mountains, flora and fauna of all 31 states and one Federal District in Mexico.
The constitution, the three branches of the government, the rights of Mexicans, the national insignia, and the definition of territory, federalism and municipality can be found here.
Here is information on the plants, animals and the ecosystem of Mexico.
About Mexico
Look here for information on the music, holidays, games, food, traditions and myths and stories of Mexico.
Meet Mexico
This is an educational project by the Embassy of Mexico to the UK.
Facts on Mexico.
The Country
Information on the people, wildlife, government and symbols.
Mexican History
Information on ancient history, the Aztecs, the Maya, colonial Mexico and Mexico after Independence.
Mexico Today
Information on the economy, education and modern Mexico.
Mexican Culture
Information on Mexican art, music, dance, food, drinks, holidays and festivals.

CIA-The World Factbook 2000—Mexico
Here you can information on the geography, people, government, and economy of Mexico.

Mexico-A Country Study
This site, from the Library of Congress has facts on Mexico’s history, geography, resources, government, economy, and much more.

Mexico--World Book Online Americas Edition

Explorers of Mexico—EnchantedLearning

Holidays    [top]

Canada    [top]
General Information Maps Pictures

General Information: Government, Society and Culture, and Economy

About Canada
Learn about the government, society, land, and economy at this Canadian Government site.

World Almanac for Kids-Canada

Get 2 Know Canada
Links to the history of Canada and information on the population, flags, main industries and more for each province and territory.

Oh Canada: History
Index site on Canadian Information

CIA The World Factbook 2000 Canada
Information on geography, people, government, economy, transportation, communication, and defense forces.

US Department of State Background Notes on Canada
General information on Canada.

Canada (Infoplease)
This site offers quick general information on Canada.


Languages  (Kids Stop)
Learn about the many Aboriginal languages in Canada and listen to some of them too.

Environment Canada's Green Lane
Links to the Meteorological Service of Canada, 5-day weather reports, seasonal forecasts and more can be found here.

The Canadian Encyclopedia Online
Encyclopedia of Canadian information

Government at a Glance: Canada
An outline of the organization of the Government of Canada.

Provincial Information    [top]

Provincial and Territorial Primary Web Sites: Canada
This website contains links to government sites for each province.

AOL Travel Guides--Canada
Destination guides from leading Tourist’s groups for each province from AOL Travel.

Canada and its Provinces
Information on the origins of the names for each province and territory in Canada.

Maps of Canada     [top]

Maps of Canada
....maps on the environment, people and society, economy, history, climate change, health, reference maps and more

Atlas of Canada

Canadian History    [top]

Kids Stop
Want to know how to say hello in one of Canada’s first nations languages, would you like to know some aboriginal place names in Canada then take a look at this site for kids.

First Nations in Canada
This is an excellent introduction to the history of First Nations people in Canada.

Flags of the Canadian Provinces

Canadian Explorers—

Pictures of Canada

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