During the summer many rooms in Acadia (and reportedly others schools) are hot. This discomfort may lead to multiple heat related problems which include and are not limited to heat rash, heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and even in some severe cases a heat stroke. Yes I am aware teachers are equipped with fans that plug into a wall, however from my experiences these fans are only SLIGHTLY effective when in close proximity to a student; also some teachers refuse to turn the fans on at all. Since the beginning of the year all middle school students were given their own personal chromebooks. As a student I can asure any teacher or other school official that the students do not like these and preferred not having to lug them around. Not only that but the chromebooks are outdated, slow, and an utter waste of money considering the school already had chromebook carts and libraries with more advanced tech than these. As a student I am questioning why this money was not invested towards something more useful to the wellbeing on the students and teachers such as more advanced air conditioning, school supplies, smart board projectors, textbooks, sports equipment, etc. I feel that the money Shenendehowa is privileged to have is being used carelessly towards unneeded equipment for students. In conclusion, please stop spending the money on outdated useless tech, and implement the money for much more useful products, this would not only make for a better school, but would also relieve the tension of carrying around these bricks. Thank you, and please don’t tell me to “talk to my principal about it”. Much appreciated -The youth of Shenendehowa

Written by on May 17, 2018 in Grapevine

A. Thanks for the feedback.