In an effort to improve communications the district has created this format to provide people with a place to get answers to questions and to address rumors and inaccurate information that sometimes circulates through the community.

NOT ALL QUESTIONS WILL BE ANSWERED. For individual or private concerns, you should contact the school or district office by phone. We will not answer comments about specific individuals by name.

Questions are e-mailed to the district’s public information office. The PI Officer determines who could best answer the question and directs the question to that person. Once the PIO receives the answer it is posted.

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Latest Grapevine Posts:

  • What is the rule for buying your teacher a class christmas gift?

    A.  In accordance with Board of Education Policy 5230,  the Board of Education recognizes that gift giving, especially during the holiday season, may be a common practice for many District employees.  While the giving or exchanging of gifts may be acceptable among staff members, the Board strongly encourages District employees and students to show appreciation […]

  • Do D3 Athletes get to have a signing day in the Spring?

    A.  We will be working with Stan Hudy from the Community News to do something for Division III Athletes in the spring.  The NCAA does not have Division III Athletes participate in the National Letter of Intent signing because technically at the Division III level there are no athletic scholarships offered by colleges or universities.