In an effort to improve communications the district has created this format to provide people with a place to get answers to questions and to address rumors and inaccurate information that sometimes circulates through the community.

NOT ALL QUESTIONS WILL BE ANSWERED. For individual or private concerns, you should contact the school or district office by phone. We will not answer comments about specific individuals by name.

Questions are e-mailed to the district’s public information office. The PI Officer determines who could best answer the question and directs the question to that person. Once the PIO receives the answer it is posted.

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Latest Grapevine Posts:

  • Why was Respect Day cancelled?

    A.  Respect Day was not cancelled.  The club that was responsible for Respect Day, the Respect Club, failed to enlist enough members and did not have an advisor, so it disbanded.

  • Why aren’t there homecoming t-shirts this year?

    A.  The SFA Senate and Class Council asked that in lieu of selling T-Shirts, we just sell a $5 ticket to homecoming to help benefit local charities.  This year, Senate and Class Council  chose Captain Youth and Family Services and Shen helping Shen.  Tickets will be on sale in HSW starting Tuesday during lunches. 

  • Which parts of HSE have AC?

    A. There are many parts that have AC and some that have cooling units.  The newer areas tend to have AC.

  • Why are HSW students not allowed to carry backpacks?

    A. Following several instances of students and staff sustaining injuries after accidentally being hit by students’ backpacks while moving about High School West’s narrow hallways between class periods, the joint 9th Grade and Environment Committees decided in the interest of safety to no longer allow students to wear/carry their backpacks in High School West during the […]

  • how do i join team 20 robotics

    A. There will be an informational meeting for interested students and their parents on Wednesday September 21 in the High School East Auditorium at 7:00 PM. 

  • Are you allowed to wear hats in High School West?

    A.  Yes, students may wear hats in the halls as long as it abides by the dress code.  However, faculty and staff have the authority within their classrooms to require students to remove non-religious or non-medical headgear.