In an effort to improve communications the district has created this format to provide people with a place to get answers to questions and to address rumors and inaccurate information that sometimes circulates through the community.

NOT ALL QUESTIONS WILL BE ANSWERED. For individual or private concerns, you should contact the school or district office by phone. We will not answer comments about specific individuals by name.

Questions are e-mailed to the district’s public information office. The PI Officer determines who could best answer the question and directs the question to that person. Once the PIO receives the answer it is posted.

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Latest Grapevine Posts:

  • What midterms do 9th graders take?

    A.  Ninth grade students taking Earth Science or Earth Science Honors will take a mid-term during the January Regents Exam period.  The date of that mid-term exam will be announced in the coming weeks.

  • Why can’t we flip waterbottles at lunch?

    A. That question has already been answered: You can use the search feature to find out if a question has been answered. Just type in a topic.

  • Why are they calling water fountains Bubblers when they are found to have high lead content?

    A.  A drinking fountain as a unit that has an electric cooling compressor that chills the water prior to consumption. A bubbler as just a small bowl type fixture with a push button drinking mouthpiece (bubbler) that is fed directly from the main water supply with no prior cooling or added pressure.  Bubblers are typically in elementary school classrooms and drinking fountains are […]

  • When do the yearbooks go on sale in HSE?

    A.  Yearbook orders were accepted during the two weeks after Columbus Day. Order forms were sent to every students’ home. There were announcements and signs around the school. The Yearbook Club can still accept orders until the end of January. The price for the book is now $60. “Last Chance” order forms will be sent […]

  • Is there a dress code for teachers? It looks like Casual Friday found 4 more friends.

    A. According to the district’s Code of Conduct:  For the purpose of this Code, appropriate dress for staff members is defined as giving proper attention to personal cleanliness and clothing that is professional, safe and does not disrupt, distract or otherwise interfere with the educational process. Staff members are expected to model appropriate dress and decorum, […]

  • will i get in trouble if i sit down for the pledge?

    A. According to the district’s code of conduct 4410R:   Patriotic Ceremonies – The State of New York requires that the Pledge of Allegiance be recited while saluting the flag each day in the schools. Students have the right to refrain from either the pledge or the salute. In doing so, they have the responsibility […]

  • When will the information about spring drivers Ed be posted?

    A.  All of the details for the Spring 2017 Driver Ed program have not been finalized yet.   The spring session of Driver Ed typically runs from February through June.  Registration forms are generally posted on the Driver Ed webpage right before students leave for winter recess and the registration period usually begins in the […]

  • how much of the orchestra grade will be practicing?

    A.  The orchestra grade is based on preparedness and participation. Practicing is a part of the preparation necessary to successfully participate. Students who spend time practicing are generally more successful because the act of practicing makes a student more prepared.