In an effort to improve communications the district has created this format to provide people with a place to get answers to questions and to address rumors and inaccurate information that sometimes circulates through the community.

NOT ALL QUESTIONS WILL BE ANSWERED. For individual or private concerns, you should contact the school or district office by phone. We will not answer comments about specific individuals by name.

Questions are e-mailed to the district’s public information office. The PI Officer determines who could best answer the question and directs the question to that person. Once the PIO receives the answer it is posted.

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Latest Grapevine Posts:

  • Why has teaching cursive writing been eliminated from the school curriculum?

    A. We recognize there are many opinions about the value of cursive instruction as technology increasingly plays an important role in communication.  Shen has not intentionally eliminated cursive, however, cursive is not required as part of NYS learning standards.  We will be revisiting the topic of cursive writing, not for student mastery, but for the benefits […]

  • When do winter sports start and end?

    A.  Varsity, JV and Freshman Winter sports begin on Monday, 11/7/16, Modified Winter sports begin on 11/14/16.  The winter season ends in early February or in early March, depending on the level and team and also on the results of post-season competitions.

  • Why aren’t we allowed to wear hats in school?

    A. That is not a district policy. Without knowing which school you are talking about, principals may decide certain types of dress are causing a distraction to the educational process and can put them on the “not acceptable” list.

  • Why is PDA allowed?

    A. It is not, but we try to work with students to understand that it is not allowed and in so doing, sometimes certain people are able to understand sooner than others regarding our expectations.

  • Why is there a helicopter circling the school?

    A. Someone reported to the police that they say a clown on campus. The police and helicopters searched and found no evidence of a clown. The next day, the district reviewed its surveillance tapes and there was no evidence of a clown.