Hello. I was wondering what I would do concerning a teacher. My teacher does not provide clear instructions for any assignment. When given an assignment, there is not enough time allotted to complete it in. This teacher at one point invented his “knucklehead club” which he was telling the class about. He places students in this “club” that he says don’t get their work done. I along with others have had many other problems with this teacher. I do not want to hurt the teacher’s feelings in any way, but I do not think that calling students “knuckleheads” is fair and appropriate. How should I deal with this problem? I am afraid that going to the teacher and telling him calling us “knuckleheads” is wrong will only land me in the “club.” He even said that he didn’t want us complaining to our parents and the school about being “knuckleheads.” He said it was “a joke.” I clearly do not think that this is in any form “a joke.” This is unfair to the students. There are many other problems that students have regarding this teacher. I do not think that I am being “a knucklehead” by talking about this issue? Correct? So overall, I would like to know how to deal with this problem without becoming “a knucklehead.”

Written by on December 19, 2017 in Grapevine

A. Please talk with your principal. What may be a joke to some is insulting to others and should not be tolerated.