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Language of the Media


What TV Ratings Really Mean?
(Nielsen Notes)

Nielsen Television Ratings

TV by the Numbers - TV/Nielsen ratings for all shows

The Simpsons Archive

TV Acres - The Ultimate Subject Guide to Television Facts

Episode Guides - guides to every television program that has aired

Coming Attractions

Popular Culture


Are You Addicted to Television?
TV - Free America
Imagebusters:  The Hollow Crusade against TV Violence
Honey, I Warped the Kids
TV Viewers Speak Out Against Reality Shows
Television Addiction is No Mere Metaphor
Positive Effects of Television on Social Behavior:  A Meta Analysis

Television Can Enhance Children's Intellectual Development
Children's Television Workshop
Television Violence: A Review of the Effects on Children of Different Ages
Psychiatric Effects of Media Violence
Children and Television Violence
Media Violence in Children's Lives
Research on Learning from Television
Guidelines for Family Television Viewing
Effects of Television Violence on Memory for Commercial Messages
Profanity on Television 
Television can be a Tool for Learning

Using Television in the Home
Using Television as a Learning Tool
Exposure to Sports may have a Positive Effect on Teen Girls
What do parents need to know about children's television viewing?


The Handbook of Research for Educational Communications and Technology:  Chapter 11 - Research on Learning from Television

Movie Scripts

Oliver Stone's Platoon


A&E ABC AMC BET Biography
Bravo C-Span Cartoon Network CBS CNN
Comedy Central Court TV Discovery Disney E!
ESPN Fashion Food FOX History
Independent Film Channel Lifetime MSNBC MTV NBC
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UPN USA VH1 Warner Brothers Weather


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