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Acids and Bases


SubtopicsA visual representation of the pH scale.

Properties of Acids and Bases, Arrhenius Acids and Bases, Neutralization Reactions, Titrations, Bronsted-Lowry Acids and Bases,  Conjugate Acid-Base Pairs, Ionization Constants, pH Scale, pH Indicators, Hydrolysis of Salts, Lewis Acids and Bases



Do you want to read about or review the topics presented in class? See the pages listed below.


Properties of Acids and Bases: pages 577 and 578

Arrhenius Acids and Bases: pages 594-596

Neutralization Reactions: pages 613 and 614

Titrations: pages 615-618

Bronsted-Lowry Acids and Bases: pages 596-598

   *Conjugate Acid-Base Pairs: page 597

Ionization/Dissociation Constants: pages 600-604

pH Concept: pages 582-584

Acid-Base Indicators: pages 590 and 591

Salt Hydrolysis: pages 626 and 627

Lewis Acids and Bases: page 598



Online resources

Regents Prep: Try out this selection of past Regents questions related to acids and bases.


Acid-Base Simulation - A fun interactive to explore strong and weak acids. You can measure pH, test conductivity and see how concentration and strength affect pH. Just click on "Run Now!" (Java file) to get started!


Strong and Weak Acids - A Flash animation that describes the differences between strong and weak acids based upon ionization.


Properties of Acids and Bases - A multiple choice quiz to review the properties and definitions of acids and bases.


Acid-Base Flashcards - This website has flashcards dealing with topics related to the acid and base unit. I suggest trying the "one-sided" cards. There is also a "Study" section, which includes a test you can take to check your knowledge, and a "Games" section.


Review Activities - This site has several types of review activities including flashcards, matching, quizzes, and a Jeopardy style review game that you can play with another peer. It was created by StudyMate.


Acid-Base Titration - Practice performing titrations with this interactive (Flash required) and quiz. Check your answers at the end of the activity.


Alien Juice Bar - A simple interactive that reviews acids, bases and the pH scale. It allows you to practice identifying acids, bases and neutral solutions. A stress-free way to review.


Acid, Bases and Metals - A simple interactive that describes the properties of acids and bases. It also reviews pH indicators, and the reactions between acids, bases and metals.


pH Panel - A quick way to explore pH values of household materials.





Arrhenius Acids and Bases (Quick Review)

YouTube Video by testmasters






Acid-Base Introduction: Arrhenius, Bronsted-Lowry, and Lewis Definitions

Video by Khan Academy






Titration Calculations

YouTube Video by Mark Rosengarten






pH - The Basics

YouTube Video by Mark Rosengarten






pH and pOH (Parts 1 and 2)

A more in-depth look at the mathematical calculations

YouTube Video by Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams