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The “Living Environment” Regents Exam is the final evaluation for Regents Biology.  It is given in June.  It is based on the “Living Environment” Core Curriculum.

The Regents Exam will be calculated as 20% of the student's final course grade.

Living Environment Test Format :  

Part Description Content Raw Points
A multiple choice questions content based testing knowledge of core material 30-35
B Multiple choice questions, graph, some multiple choice, some short answer content and skills based testing ability to analyze, apply and evaluate material 25-35
C Extended response content and application questions testing application of science concepts and skills to address real world situations   15-25
D Multiple choice, Short answer, extended response 4 labs done in class. Making Connections, Beaks of Finches, Relationships & Biodiversity and Diffusion Through a Membrane   5-15

When: The exam is offered by State Ed in January, June, and August every year.  Our students take the exam in June after they have completed the lab requirement. 

How long? Students are given a  maximum of three hours to complete the exam.  They must remain for a minimum period of time.

What to bring: 2 pencils, 2 pens (blue or black ink only), calculator

What not to bring Students  may not wear  hats.  They are not allowed to have any other items at their  desks (including bags).  They should not  bring anything valuable that they will not want to leave outside of the testing room.

Directions for Completing Living Environment Answer Sheet

1) Part A – back of test
* Fill out heading
* Record name, period, and teachers name  on front cover of exam booklet (this will help the proctors return your booklet to me for grading)

2) Parts B, C, and D – answers will be written in space provided in the test booklet.

3) All answers will be in ink except graphs.

4) Be sure to use complete sentences for short answers. Write neatly so I can read your answers.  Print if it is more legible than cursive.

5) Remember to sign declaration at end (Your test will not count if not signed).

Collection of Materials
* Place Part A answer sheet and scrap paper inside booklet (under front cover)

* Please be patient and polite as the teacher collects the tests.  He/she has to check several things on your test for your benefit.  It will take some time to properly check and collect.  You may not leave the room until he/she dismisses you.

* Get a good night sleep
* Eat breakfast (even if it is junk food – your brain needs lots of C6H12O6)
*TAKE YOUR TIME!!!  Use the three hours if you need it
* Use the restroom before the test
* Dress comfortably—dress in layers


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