I also am very upset that the school did not sell the land to the town. We do not need more retail space. What we have is empty already. Is the district at all concerned that voter might vote down the school budget as a protest to the land sale?

Written by on December 14, 2016 in Grapevine

A. BBL is purchasing the land for $2 million (above the $1.5 stipulated in the RFP) and donating half of the land (17.5-19 acres) to the town of Clifton Park.

In 2004, the district proposed building a school attached to Arongen (Shatekon). It was more cost effective because we owned the land and we maximized state aid by attaching it to an existing school. Halfmoon residents were very upset that the school was not going to built in their town and actively worked to get the referendum defeated. In fact, it only passed by 54 votes (3,773 to 3,719).

Since then, the district has made it an objective to secure land in Halfmoon for future expansion. This deal allows the district to do that.

This action of the board allows the district to secure land for future expansion, it provides a commitment to the town of Halfmoon that any future expansion will be done there and it provides the town of Clifton Park 17.5-19 acres of land for free. Click here to see the land that is being donated.

As for the school budget, the board develops and proposes a budget that supports the program and services to our students recognizing that this community values a quality educational experience.