I am concerned about the amount of homework recieved by Gowana eighth graders. Throughout this year, I have frequently had to resort to sleep depriving myself in order to complete my homework for every class. I have had to stay up from anywhere to 11:00 P.M – 3:00 A.M on a school night to finish it, and sometimes I still don’t even have all of it done. Even now in the middle of June, when I am writing this, we are still slammed with homework, and half-days start next week. With the new, beautiful outdoor weather conditions present this time of year I would much rather enjoy the outdoors than be forced to sit inside and finish homework. We are even assigned such copious amounts of homework over weekends and school breaks, time which we should be able to use ourselves without having to worry about school work. Even with the summer approaching, I feel as though I can not escape the school work, as we are still going to be assigned a summer reading project in spite of summer being our break from school. To reiterate, I would rather spend my time outside rather than being forced to stay inside and do school work. Summer is our break from school, we shouldn’t be given more school work. Many other students with whom I have conversed have echoed these same sentiments as I have, and the amount of stress brought on by such copious amounts of homework on a weekly basis is just to much to bare. In short, the amount of homework given to us on a weekly basis and the extremely minimal windows of time in which to finish them brings me and other students much stress and severely diminishes the free time which we have.

Written by on July 24, 2017 in Grapevine

A.  The student should speak directly to the Gowana Principal.