I feel like recess in the elementary schools isn’t enough. All day, they are constantly yelled at for doing the most normal human thing – talking. You have such strict rules on phones, yet the only reason you have those is because they don’t have enough time to communicate normally. If only there were a way… Oh Wait! I know! Maybe NOT splitting recess into half a “period,” or maybe NOT giving them 20 minutes to eat! You’re literally setting them up to be a factory worker! They get grades on their products, they get a small time to eat, they are prohibited from talking, and yet, being a Factory Worker isn’t as bad as today’s schooling, as it as actually CHANGED 100 years ago. You look at a classroom 100 years ago; EXACTLY THE SAME! I really think you need to realize that YOU are the reason so little kids go to college: BECAUSE they weren’t taught what they want to know in the future, they were taught useless stuff about our history, yet we need to know about our Future! And in the middle school, the only class that does this is FACS! And FACS is the most hated course in all of 6th and 7th grade, because of its poor execution. You could at least have us do cooking all year 6th grade, Careers and Housing all 7th grade, and Health all year 8th grade. P.S. Don’t respond with “Thanks for your feedback.

Written by on November 30, 2017 in Grapevine

A. Thanks for your opinion.