I have a very hard time believing your answer to this question I would like to try out for team sports . Your response was a cop out. The writer was 100% correct that if any student try’ s out for any SHEN sport they should make the team, More than NOT other schools do not make cuts. They may not be as big as Shen however the ones that are make it so everyone makes the team. All Shen worries about is winning and being at the top of Sec AA. Many parents agree that the Coaches, and athletic Director tell the athletes that :”it is a privilege to play sports for Shen” They need to stop that ,and turn it around to say that it is a privilege for Shen to have so many athletes that want to play for them. SHEN would be nothing without the athletes playing for them,. as a tax payer it is disgusting, remember we pay their salaries. And the athletes that have gotten into trouble off school grounds for one reason or another, some have been able to play while others were immediately kicked off the team, the code of conduct means nothing if you are a star player. The coaches and athletic director need to be held accountable for their poor decisions

Written by on September 28, 2017 in Grapevine

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