I would like to try out for team sports – but feel a lot of stress, anxiety and then get very depressed that I may not make the team. I feel that the practice of try-outs is a form of bullying and is disrespectful, being cut is and upsetting and traumatic event. Also, try-outs increase the stress on everyone, students trying out and coaches who make these decisions. The fear of not seeing my name on the team list is humiliating. Also—I have never heard of a coach providing meaningful feedback—aren’t we still a school that educates first and foremost?. Also–I do not see the coaches having to try out each year!! Can Shen simply have everyone who tries out make the team? I do not see the harm in that versus the psychological problems that these try-outs for sports embed in students for years to come.

Written by on August 29, 2017 in Grapevine

A. Sorry, but that is the nature of competitive sports. It is not just a “Shen” thing.