On the Monday of the 2-hour delay, my bus, as usual, came to pick me up. When the bus started driving, it slipped at even the slightest turn due to the poor road conditions; another time, the drive tried to break, and the bus failed to stop because of the ice on the road. I was concerned for my safety. Why were we sent to school if the roads were not safe to drive on? Has school for the sake of school become more important than student safety?

Written by on January 4, 2017 in Grapevine

A.  Safety is and will always be our primary concern. We do our level best to determine if schools should be opened, delayed or closed. The decision to remain open, delayed or closed is predicated on what we gather from the various weather reports to include a detailed analysis from the National Weather Service. We also drive the roads prior to the buses going out. The decision to remain open, delay or close is made by no later than five in the morning. All reports indicated one-half inch to one and one-half inch of snow accumulation over several hours. Unfortunately, the weather reports did not indicate the short burst of snow which affected the road ways during the pickup of students. All of our drivers are experienced and highly trained. We are very glad that none of our buses were involved in any accident due to the road conditions. Lastly, parents have the option of keeping their child or children at home if they feel the road conditions are unsafe.