The parking lot after school is a disaster and somebody is going to get hurt if no changes are made. Could the district please consider these changes? 1. Create two lines coming in and coming out each of the student parking lot all the way up to Moe Road. There is enough grass to pave over. This would be for the front entrance, and the back entrance with the teachers parking lot is fine as is. 2. Do not let people park to the sides of the road coming into and going out of the circle. It creates a huge jam and with pedestrians walking towards those vehicles, somebody could get hit. 3. Make the circle a 1 way OUT, and make it so you have to enter the circle by entering the parking lot first and cutting over. 4. Tear down the Tennis Courts and make that more pavement to park, as making more driving lines will eat up some of the current parking spots. The Tennis Courts should be relocated near the Baseball Field anyway, because plenty of cars get hit by tennis balls. I know this would cost a lot of money but it needs to be considered for the safety of everyone.

Written by on November 30, 2017 in Grapevine

A. The district completed a traffic study and has proposed a capital project vote on December 5 that includes funds to make some of the recommendations included in the study, most notably at the high school.