This is a response to the person who wrote: “This is in response to the person who wrote: “Why is the Shen pool at Gowana not open to the public during the summer. Taxpayer money is going into it’s upkeep while it sits unused for almost three months during the summer.” The pool does NOT sit unused for almost 3 months, a swim team pays to use it during the school year and the summer, and girls varsity starts in August”. So Shen builds a pool just to rent it out? That cannot possible pay for the upkeep. What was so bad about the situation before the pool why did Shen spend money on a pool (which very few students get to use). Why did Shen not spend the money on something more students would find useful.

Written by on August 29, 2017 in Grapevine

A. During the school year all of our middle school and elementary students take swim lessons as part of their physical education classes. The Shenendehowa swim and dive teams also use the pool all year round. There are also staff swim times and community use. The Shenendehowa pool is in constant use.