To whom it better concern, I am a shen student, been in the district for the majority of my life, and as a student, I take the offered transportation. Over the years I have had many, and i mean many, annoyances with the system. But this day, this is what pushed me over the edge. For the beginning weeks of the year I noticed the bus carrying quite a large capacity. It didn’t seem like too big of an issue but little did I know it was, oh it was. So today I arrive to my bus stop a minute early like every morning. Wondering after around 7 minutes why the bus hasn’t come on time (another common issue). I turn to see the bus coming from a different direction. My stop gets on seeing this was not our bus… The bus did not pick up the one other stop in my neighborhood! We soon come to terms that the bus has kicked us off our bus route to accommodate for the copious amount of kids. We were not notified of this change!! This has crossed the line, this is too much. I am extremely disappointed (I will be speaking to the Bus Transportation Offices). As taxpayers the notification of a bus route change is required. Please fix this and apologize to the students affected. p.s. I am not looking for a “thanks for the feedback” response

Written by on October 24, 2017 in Grapevine

A.  We are sorry for the mix up. However, without specific route number(s), date information or your name we are unable to help you. It is always best to call the transportation department so we can quickly resolve your particular transportation issue.