Why are students forced to learn about current events? My social studies teacher tells all her classes to watch the news and see all the ISIS news/attacks and the Trump scandal. Not to mention she forced us all to watch the 1st Presidential Debate. I feel as an American citizen I have the right to see into, or stay out of politics. Politics actually causes a lot of stress in my home and controversy at school. Students are undoubtedly being more racist and sexist at school since the election, as compared to two years ago. American History is required to be taught, that I understand. But with currents events, I believe students should have a choice. I feel like it’s tearing down Shen. Thank you.

Written by on July 24, 2017 in Grapevine

A.  Yes, sometimes different opinions about politics does cause controversy.   You learn about current events in Social Studies classes because we want you to understand the reasons for the controversy.  Social Studies teachers are supposed to be helping students understand how government and politics work so that students are prepared to become active citizens when they graduate from high school.