A few notes. Number one, don’t close all the men’s bathrooms except for two it makes life very difficult. Number Two, much like other things in life, closing the bathrooms doesn’t cut down on Tom foolery or vaping, it just reduces the amount monitors witness. Number Three, stop inconveniencing and (this word is used sparingly) punishing the students who don’t misuse restrooms by closing the restrooms. Number four, closing this many bathrooms leads to severe traffic congestion in the one or two bathrooms that are open. Number five, nobody has closed any girls restrooms despite vaping and misbehavior occurring in those restrooms as well. This is a serious issue and annoyance

Written by on December 3, 2018

A.  This is a monitor/supervision issue. We have closed select girls and boys bathrooms at various points during the day, primarily lunch time. The bathrooms and locations have been carefully looked at and we are making decisions based on supervision availability and location. Bathrooms without adequate supervision have had increased undesirable activity.