A lot of construction on campus this summer. Racing the clock to have it all done by the start of school. More photos…

Written by on August 27, 2019

Preparing Elementary Cafeteria floor for Epoxy finish Elementary Cafeteria Floor Epoxy finish completedHSE kitchen floor cuttingHSE cafeteria soffit drywall taping

HSE kitchen new ventilation ductwork underway HSE kitchen quarry tile installation Cafeteria at HSE construction

HSW Gym roof removals

Distrcit office snow slide beginning stages

Tree removal at new HSE parking lot

HSE new parking lot curb installation

HSE expanded main lot parking area

New HSE parking lot under way

Rough Grading New HSE parking lot

New road paving

New HSE traffic pattern facing Moe road

New HSE traffic pattern facing HSW

Acadia Koda parking lot under construction

New Road drainage structure

Paving Main road between the Pool and Bus garage