A quick question regarding gender neutrality taking center stage because once again Shen is all about being up on all things 21st century! Since there will no longer be signs designating “boys” and “girls” bathrooms will it be acceptable and not frowned upon when a male (adult) who happens to need a restroom, opts to identify as a female and uses the girl’s bathroom? How does one know and differentiate between those who are now coming out and identifying and those that are creeeps amount us? Can you say for certain there are no employees with otherwise nefarious pasts and what would prevent someone from simply stating they now identify as the opposite sex? There would be nothing a school could do to prevent them from using the restroom occupied by someone they would be preying upon. Am I saying this exists, no! However, stop jumping to the forefront trying to be “that school” who’s first to do it all and think about the lives you’re messing with! However, since Shen is all about their sports…I’ll sit back and wait for this show because you know it’s coming. This will once again bring the school district to national news…smh

Written by on September 28, 2017

A. This wasn’t a quick question and Shen is not removing signs designating boy and girl restrooms. We continue to have both boy/girl restrooms and gender neutral restrooms. Nothing has changed.