A response to the parent who complained that 3 previous Senior offices lost their position this year: I would first like to say that the votes are always done by the popular vote and always have been. They were voted out of office fair and square. I would like to correct you in stating that these officers had held their positions for the last 3 years—they have won the last 2 elections, including last year in which multiple positions went unopposed. To your point that ya students should learn a valuable lesson by voting for unworthy candidates now rather than later. The fact that these officers were voted out in fact proves that we have learned our lesson. Students were more informed this year and voted for candidates they believed would best represent them. To your point that the candidates should be introduced and if students say “yes I want that candidate” then so be it—that is exactly what happened. We had a “meet the candidates” day where each candidate showcased a video they had made introducing themselves and their plans for the year. Students were also sent those videos to their school email address. We as a student body and popular vote learned from our previous mistakes and decided that we would prefer new candidates to represent us. If that did not result in the results that you would have preferred, to quote your post, “so be it”. —a Shen Senior P.S. Thank you in advance for allowing me to voice my response in this platform and to anybody who took the time to read my whole response. :)

Written by on December 20, 2019

A. Thanks for the feedback.