Reopening School 2020

Maximizing Opportunities for In-Person Learning Reopening Framework

On July 13,  Governor Cuomo released guidance for reopening schools with students returning to onsite learning in September 2020. The guidance required all schools to submit a plan by July 31.

(Shen Reopening Plan for 2020-2021)

Key components of the plan include:

  • In-person learning – K-6 students will be onsite daily.
  • Combination of In-person and Virtual Learning (Hybrid)- Gr. 7-12 are scheduled to attend in an alternate day schedule model- two days in person block schedule and two days virtual, with the cycle repeating. Due to the large number of students in a single building at the secondary level, this approach is more conducive for social distancing.
  • Complete Virtual Learning (CVL) option – For families who have concerns about their child’s health or impact on a family member with high risk factors (qualified as a COVID-19 Vulnerable Population), they may choose to have their child engage in the Completely Virtual Learning (CVL) Option during COVID.

For all in-person learning, the number of students in each classroom will be reduced to allow for social distancing. Face coverings/masks for students will be required. Student movement through the school will be limited to reduce student daily exposures.

On August 7, Governor Cuomo announced that schools could reopen. Shenendehowa reopened on September 14.

Changing between CVL and In-person

Parents of grade 6-12 students may contact the school’s counseling office to request a change to completely virtual learning (CVL).  The school will notify parents when the change can begin.  In many cases, the shift can happen within a few days as most student schedules will not change.  There are some unique courses (e.g., CIM, VOTEC) which may be impacted.
Parents of students in grades K-5 may contact the school’s main office to request a change to completely virtual learning (CVL).  The change from in-person to completely virtual will necessitate a change of teacher/classroom assignment.  This change may take several weeks.  While awaiting placement in a CVL section, in-person teachers will supply work to families as they would when students miss school for other reasons.   Please note, the shift from completely virtual to in-person at the elementary will not happen until the 2nd trimester.  Parents must notify the school of the return to in-person instruction at least 6 weeks in advance in accordance with school notifications to families.


a picture of the email message

In accordance with the Governor’s order, school districts must report every day any staff member or student (who is registered in the district–attending in-person or CVL) who have reported symptoms of COVID-19. The daily report must also include the number of students/staff who have been tested and the results (negative/positive). The information is made available to the public for each school here: NYS COVID-19 School Reporting Dashboard

An email is sent to parents and staff every morning at around 2 a.m. with a link to the student self-certification form. The program used is EdVista.  It must be filled out for each student daily.

Link for Visitors, Substitutes, and Contractors to Self-Certify


Sample K-5 Schedules:

ABCD Schedules Gr. 6-12

Gr. 6 ABCD Schedule

Gr. 7-12 ABCD Schedule


Food Service

  • Great News! USDA has extended the Free Meals for Kids Waiver! We will be offering FREE meals to all students in our district through December 31, 2020.
  • If you are Complete Virtual Learning (CVL) or Hybrid and need access to school provided breakfast or lunch please call the Food Service Office at 518-881-0630 to set up a pickup time to get meals.
  • If you think you might qualify for free or reduced meals after December 2020, please fill out a free and reduced application as soon as possible.

Student Transportation Schedules

ELEM CAMPUS: Arongen, Karigon, Orenda, Shatekon, Skano, Tesago
KAM 8:30 10:30
KPM 11:30 1:30
GR. 1-5 8:30 1:30
KAM 9:30 11:30
KPM 12:30 2:30
GR. 1-5 9:30 2:30
GR. 6 – 8 9:30 3:15
HSW 7:40 2:10
HSE 7:40 2:18
revised 8/13/2020


Developing the plan

Below is a timeline and documentation of the work to develop the plan

August 2020
  • August 6 – Q & A document released (Reopening Q & A)
  • August 7, Governor states that schools should have three to five public meetings prior to August 21 to go through remote plans allowing stakeholders to participate remotely. Shenendehowa has scheduled the following sessions to be seen live on the district’s YouTube Channel ( People will be able to ask questions through the chat feature. The sessions will also be recorded.
July 2020Title page of reopening framework presentation