Are HSE teachers and administrators aware that students can not find a bathroom to use during the day without walking in and finding smokers and students using illegal drugs? This is occurring during the school day and throughout the school. Are there are any procedures currently in place to keep smoking and drugs out of our bathrooms? If so, these procedures are not working! I began asking co-workers, friends, and neighbors if their children complain about the bathrooms in HSE. The response we are hearing from our kids: “We CAN’T and use the bathroom during the school day. We’ll walk in on illegal activity”. The bathrooms are not safe. Is this acceptable to you?

Written by on March 30, 2017 in Grapevine

A.  The monitors supervise the bathrooms daily.  While there is no denying that sometimes students may be doing things in the bathrooms that are in violation of the Code of Conduct, this is not happening the majority of the time.  These are isolated incidents, but the monitors and administrators will step up their supervision.