Are the guidelines for back to school we received today 7/16(that list) from the governor’s office? and is Shen trying to figure out how to implement them? It’s confusing, the beginning of the letter states; “the district has been unable to formulate a specific plan”. Does that mean based on the above mentioned list they have been unable to formulate a plan to implement those guidelines? I can’t imagine.

Written by on July 17, 2020

A. The link takes you to Shenendehowa’s Framework for Reopening. It says “Although the District has been analyzing various
scenarios, absent these guidelines the District has been unable to formulate a specific plan.” That is why we were not communicating the plan. We needed to wait until we received the guidelines to make sure we were in compliance.

The state guidelines were released and we were able to finalize the framework and send it out for feedback from stakeholders. This framework will continue to be fluid as new guidance documents come in regularly. This is where it stands at this moment in time.