As a parent and a music teacher, how is Skano being allowed to hold sing-a-longs? The CDC guidelines are 12 feet apart for singing and musical instruments. That is part of why elementary schools are not having music, chorus, orchestra or band in-person.

Written by on December 22, 2020

A. Skano is not holding a sing-along in the traditional sense.  There will be a slideshow of holiday music that teachers can play during an activity.  Students will still be at their seats which are spaced 6 feet apart, with masks on.  Teachers have been reminded that students shouldn’t be shouting or singing loudly due to CDC guidelines.  Playing music has been known to help boost spirits and bring cheer – the reason for our activity.  As a parent, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher if you would prefer they not participate when the slideshow is presented.  An alternative activity will be provided.