As an employee of Shen and one that worked the Shen ESY program this Summer, I can honestly say Shen took the CoronaVirus seriously. We were provided with a mask, shield, hand sanitizer, wipes and disinfectant spray. If refills were needed they were brought to us. Every student that exited the bus wore a mask and were thrilled to be at school. The elementary students did a great job of understanding social distancing and wearing their mask when asked. I am not dismissing the fear that parents, students and employees may have. I feel if everyone follows the guidelines set everything will be fine. Parents need to understand Dr, Robinson, Administrators,Teachers,Custodial staff and staff are doing the absolute best they can and need to give up a bit of slack. To say it is a headache is an understatement. This is new to everyone. Every employee will make certain the students are safe and will have a productive day. We cannot let fear and the what if’s consume us. Everyone in the Shen Community needs to have faith in their district.

Written by on August 21, 2020

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