At the recent shen game on October 6th the color guard was using guns, sowards, and white flags during the halftime preformance and Several other parents and I believe that that this gives the impression that shen is indorsing military industrial complex and give students the impression that it is appropriate to bring weapons on to shen grounds. I would would like to see colorguard eliminate these inappropriate symbols and offer an apology to the shen community for this offensive display. And go back to twirling batons and waving green flags.

Written by on October 24, 2017 in Grapevine

A.  Thank you for providing your feedback regarding your recent experience observing a Shen Colorguard performance.  Colorguard can be found in most American colleges, universities, high schools and middle schools as well as independent groups associated with sponsoring organizations like VFW posts and local churches.  Colorguards since the early 1930’s have used standardized equipment consisting of simulated rifles and sabers, as well as flags to interpret either recorded music or a live performance by a marching band.  These performances take place in various venues including; local parades, football games or in a gymnasium.  The Shen Colorguard due to the hard work of the students, parents and coaches has been fortunate to have a long tradition of not only entertaining the community with their shows but also experiencing great success in the competitive arena, receiving over the past 27 years 31 gold medals at state competitions and in 2016 receiving a gold medal at the World Championships gaining National recognition for the Shen school system.  The colorguard is honored to have represented the Shen school system and community for the past 27 years locally and nationally and looks forward to many more years of Shen Pride.