Austin Zhang, a freshman at Shen High School West, made and donated 3D printed face shields to Shen. More info…

Written by on December 21, 2020

The project of 3D printed face shields was initiated during the PPE shortage in April in COVID-19 pandemic. A group of people participated in the project and they were crucial in the eventual success. This group, which includes FLL Coach Mrs. Naomi Hoffman, FLL Coach Mr. Bill Waters, Gowana tech teacher Mr. Andrew Mink, FLL team member Gabriel West and his father Damien West, printed a total of 302 face shields and Austin printed a total of 202 on his own including the most recent batch of 40. The inspiration came from seeing news of 3D printer enthusiasts in the UK who were printing face shields to combat the pandemic. He found his original model on the website of the 3D printer company Prusa. This model was eventually tweaked and modified by Austin, thanks to the combined knowledge and experience of Mr. Waters, Mr. West, and Mr. Mink. The current process for making a face shield starts off with the headband and reinforcements which are printed in sets of 2 and each print takes about 3.5 hours. The plastic visor is cut out by a Cricut machine and the elastic is cut out by hand. The material the 3D printer used is PLA and the brand of the printer that Austin uses for this project is the Ender 3.

Austin Zhang with face shields Austin Zhang with face shields

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