Being a student in highschool west i have a question in regards of the gender neutral bathrooms every time i go down to use them the door are locked and im not sure if there is a specific place to go to get a key if that is the case i wont have enough time to get to class on time. Normally i have to use thenurse restroom because if i go into the girls bathroom (which I try to avoid because i identify as male hence the gender neutral toilets) I get yelled at to get out so is there anyway they could be unlocked or anything i can do to get in but keep enough time to get into class. Thank you for your time, Regards a Shenendehowa student

Written by on September 20, 2017 in Grapevine

A.  At High School West, in addition to the Health Office, the restroom in the Main Office and the restrooms in the Music Wing are All-Gender Restrooms that are available for one person to use at a time.  To access the key for the Music Wing restrooms, please see the monitor in the Cafeteria Lobby.