buy an iPhone for a child. I’m also being told that some teachers are requiring an iPhone in class–is that true? I CAN easily afford an iPhone however I don’t believe children should be walking around with a $600 “toy” in their pockets. My child has a basic android phone so that she can communicate with her parents and an iPad so that she can face-time with her iPhone friends because apparently they won’t talk with her any other way. I’m seriously disappointed with parents nowadays, raising spoiled, superficial “Mean Girls”. Don’t you see the bullying that goes on in social media? YES THAT’S YOUR CHILD WITH HER INSTANTLY CONNECTED IPHONE POSING & POSTING EVERY SECOND OF THE DAY WITH THOUSANDS OF STRANGERS LIKING AND FOLLOWING HER. CONGRATULATIONS ON BEING PARENT OF THE YEAR!

Written by on March 23, 2017 in Grapevine

A. No, it is not true. iPhones are not required for any class.