Can I find out Shen policy on recess attire. My child is refusing to wear a jacket to school when it is cold in the morning with warmer temp predicted later in the day. My child’s recess aide makes them wear it during recess and not aloud to take it off. She tells them Shen’s rule is if your parent sent you to school with a jacket you need to wear it at recess. That’s all fine and good during the winter, but fall/spring it can be 30 at 7:20 and 50-60 at noon. I have asked in the school office and they say they don’t have that rule. If kids are hot running around then it’s ok to take off on the hotter days and the aide are told to use their judgement. My child’s aide seems to be a dictator and makes up her own rules, but nothing is done. So I will not be sending my child with a jacket and my child will be the last to complain about being cold. I just hope this doesn’t lead to retaliation from my child aide. I just really want to know if my child’s recess aide can dictate if the children can use their own judgement on wearing a jacket outside or not.

Written by on May 1, 2017

A. There is no district policy. However, the elementary handbook states that students must be dressed appropriately for recess: