Can Shen send out a reminder to the high school teachers about the homework policy? Please, correct me if I’m wrong. I was under the impression that homework, for every subject was graded on effort, completeness, and if it’s in on time. I did not think any other factors went in to the grading of homework. If that was the policy, I would not be having trouble with my homework grades. Let me explain, I noticed I’ve been getting a few points off of my weekly homework. I asked my teacher what I could do to improve, and I was told that I was getting points off because some of my peers were writing more than me. (Side note: I was not aware that our homework grades were based on other peoples work in the classroom, that doesn’t seem fair. Everyone works differently. if a child is putting in 100% effort, and handing it in complete and on time that’s all that should count) Anyway, so every week since that, I’ve made sure to add lots of details, accurate details, to each homework assignment. In fact I’ve never worked harder on a homework assignment, yet I’m still not getting 100s. I’m wondering if my teacher is even reading my responses at all, or if they are just too scared to give out 100s in October. It’s just frustrating getting high 90s on my tests, but then getting 1 or 2 points off my homework each week, which is adding up and bringing down my grade. Ive asked around and I know this is also a concern for other people too so that’s why I wanted to bring it to attention. Thank you

Written by on October 24, 2017 in Grapevine

A.  The homework policy addresses the conditions under which homework may be assigned.  It does not address how or whether homework should be graded.  Students should receive feedback on their work, however, this may come in many forms such as in-class review. 

All grading of student work should be against an established grade level (or course) standard and not relative to other student’s work.  You may consider asking your teacher for a sample of what a full credit assignment looks like.  It also sounds like you are doing exceptionally well and you may want to consider staying the course with your current work and spending any additional time on other things of interest to you (e.g., other subject areas, family time, rest).