Congratulations to our Middle School robotics teams for their award winning day at the First Lego League Championship Tournament! More info…

Written by on March 29, 2021

Both Middle School robotics teams really shined this past weekend at the First Lego League (FLL) Championship tournament for the Hudson Valley Region. The Robotic Renovators team was nominated to compete for the Global Innovation Award, advancing to the next round on May 10. The Robotic Renovators also won first place in Core Values and won the Head Referee Innovation Project Award. The GyroManiacs won the coveted Tournament Champion Award. Shen walked away with the two most prestigious awards possible (tournament champion and the nomination for the Global Innovation Award)! Capturing these top awards hasn’t happened in more than 10 years. This year’s challenge was unprecedented due to COVID and the efforts of many, especially coaches and their team families and friends, deserve recognition.

Although both teams have been working very hard they would not have been able to participate this year without the support of many. In addition to the help of our high school robotics program with Mrs. Rose Barra and Team 20, four of our high schoolers: Rupin, Arya, Jonathon, and Yi, also deserve recognition for all their work to assist this club and these teams throughout the season.
Members from both teams represent all three middle schools.
The Robotic Renovators: Won 3 awards – the nomination to compete for the Global Innovation Award, first place in Core Values, and theĀ Head Referee Innovation Project Award
Nitya Bajaj – 7th grade, Gowana
Jonah Morgan – 6th grade, Gowana
Josiah Nortan – 7th grade, Gowana
Pranamya Praveen – 6th grade, Koda
Max Schermerhorn – 7th grade, Gowana
Larry Yang – 6th grade Acadia
The GyroManiacs: Won the tournament champion award!
Anvita Nagarkar, 8th grade, Acadia
Rishaub Nagarkar, 5th grade, Orenda
Teresa Rodrigues, 8th grade, Gowana
Aidan Stephenson, 6th grade, Koda
Simran Utturkar, 8th grade
Gabe West, 7th grade, Koda

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