Do parents of high school students reserve the right to unenroll their child in on-site learning to transition to CVL at any time? It would be a shame if there was no flexibility and all deadlines were final considering the recent confirmed case at High School East.

Written by on September 22, 2020

A. Parents of grade 6-12 students may contact the school’s counseling office to request a change to completely virtual learning (CVL).  The school will notify parents when the change can begin.  In many cases, the shift can happen within a few days as most student schedules will not change.  There are some unique courses (e.g., CIM, VOTEC) which may be impacted.

Parents of students in grades K-5 may contact the school’s main office to request a change to completely virtual learning (CVL).  The change from in-person to completely virtual will necessitate a change of teacher/classroom assignment.  This change may take several weeks.  While awaiting placement in a CVL section, in-person teachers will supply work to families as they would when students miss school for other reasons.   Please note, the shift from completely virtual to in-person at the elementary will not happen until the 2nd trimester.  Parents must notify the school of the return to in-person instruction at least 6 weeks in advance in accordance with school notifications to families.