Does Shen notify parents when students will be led in mindful meditation? Can parents opt their children out? Where can parents see the words used during these guided meditations? What is the program being used? As a parent it is concerning that these methods have suddenly been included in public education. I would not allow a sitter to lead my children in meditation, why is it being used at Shen?

Written by on December 18, 2018

A. Teaching mindfulness is now a part of the New York State Mental Health Curriculum.  This practice is used in a variety of ways throughout the district.  The main purpose is to promote mental health and overall wellness.  Some teachers use “Calm Classroom,” which are short, scripted, mindfulness activities for students at specified levels.  Teachers strongly encourage all students to participate, but do not force students to actively participate.  If you would like specific information about how this skill is being taught to your child, please contact the building principal.