English teachers should not be saying the N-word while reading a book aloud to the class. This has happened several times this year in several classes. When a student complained about it they were moved to another class instead of the teacher being reprimanded. This creates an uncomfortable environment and encourages other students to act with the same ignorance. Whether it is written or not it should never be said. Please educate your teachers.

Written by on January 31, 2020

A. English teachers strive to create classroom communities that are safe spaces to learn about how powerful words can positively or negatively impact an audience and individual students. Whether in a text or class discussion, the utmost care and attention is paid to providing positive language role models and helping students understand that word choice can elevate and liberate and can also offend and subjugate.  Use of racial slurs is unacceptable in schools and where used in classic novels will be handled by teachers with sensitivity emphasizing the grave impact hate speech has had on human interactions.  If you are aware of any negative use of language in the classroom, please alert the Principal or Academic Administrator immediately so that it can be addressed.