First and foremost, taxpayers need to know who sets and approves the Superintendent’s salary. Second, how can this Superintendent feel he is far above doing what is right and most certainly agreed upon through a signed contract….not to have Thursday, May 23rd as NO SCHOOL? Now it will have to be litigated ($$$$) and when found to be in the teacher’s favor, OVERTIME will have to be paid out! Someone has gotten too big for themselves here and makes everyone wonder, if he reneges this portion of a contract what will stop him at any other? Teachers deserve better (you’ve already stripped them of having control of their classrooms and let the parents call the shots) and maybe the taxpayers who vote need to become better informed when they check boxes or pull levers for school board and budget!

Written by on June 3, 2019

A. All decisions made by the superintendent or members of the administrative team are based on either Board of Education policies, NYS Education Laws and Regulations, or collective bargaining contract stipulations. Like with most decisions, people have a right to varied interpretations. However, the goal is to always act with fidelity to ensure we are maximizing the time and talent of employees and providing students with a high quality school experience. Also, the superintendent’s contract, like all other contracts and compensation for employees of the district, are approved by the Board of Education. All those contracts are posted on the district’s employment webpage.