For goodness sakes give my kids off on Wednesday’s. They are overwhelmed with work after having 7 hours of school and then 3 hours of homework for 4 days, that’s the least you can do. Wednesday’s should be just if you need help. Giving them off then will allow them to do missing assignments and homework instead of being overwhelmed by the end of the week. I understand that shen set the morning to be for homework but no one wants to wake up at 7 in the morning when they have an opportunity to sleep in a little more. I’ve heard about many teachers agreeing to having Wednesday’s off, as well as many parents. This needs to be changed

Written by on November 23, 2020

A. Thanks for sharing your perspective.  The goal is to ensure students have the knowledge and skills necessary to have ample opportunities after school for college and careers.  K-12 education is an important part of the necessary preparation as is having a regular work schedule.  In spite of the complications surrounding COVID 19, it is great to have as much opportunity for students to attend school and learn as feasible.  If you have concerns about a specific course, please encourage your child to have discussions with their teachers.