For high school students, how long do you think a class google meet should be? My English teacher has us on a google meet for an hour to an hour and a half on one day and then assignes us two additional assignments for the week and has a 30-minute google meet on Friday for “office hours”. I know the guidance given by the district is 3 hours of work per week per class. I am spending 5 to 6 hours a week on English, and doing assignments that really don’t have a point to them. It’s hard to spend 6 hours on one class in addition to all of my other classes while also trying to get things done at home and dealing with this whole situation. What should I do?

Written by on May 14, 2020

A. The goal is to have students spending roughly 3 hours/week on each course.  The times you have shared exceed this, however, it is hard to say it is unreasonable as the time it takes students to complete work varies.  Feel free to share with your teacher the amount of time you are spending on English and the impact of all classes combined.  The work in English classes is really important as strong literacy skills will help you regardless of your line of work going forward.  Great job keeping up with your work.  We know some students have found online learning to be challenging, but it sounds like you are truly giving it your best.