For such a huge district, I have always sung the praises of how Shen goes above and beyond to help students make connections….6th grade middle school program, 9th grade self-contained building, senior walk-throughs. However, I think it may be time to look at the graduation. With our 3rd child graduating this year, we have been able to see how it has evolved with each child. This year, we arrived a full hour and 10 minutes PROIR to the start of the ceremony and were unable to find 5 seats for our immediate family inside. True. Not 5 seats available. People were saving rows of seats and one mother even had an entire section “saved” in the balcony. We ended up getting our chairs out of the trunk and taking “lawn seats.” It may be time to treat it as many college graduations do and give each graduate 4 inside tickets for family. This way, the families could use them as they see fit (maybe grandma would be more comfortable inside, but ant Lucy and the twins would love the lawn), and underclassmen there to support their peers can be up on the lawn. It was all just a little too big. A little too out of control. A little too impersonal an ending to what was a very personal 13 year journey. Just a suggestion.

Written by on July 10, 2019

A. We have received a number of complaints about that unfortunate situation this year. We will be looking to address it moving forward.