Great picture’s defacing the president, if you try to hide them there is already proof because there was a picture taken. If that was a picture of obama people would be suspened and worse, try defacing the leader if china and see what happens, if this is how you treat the president get out of America

Written by on June 5, 2017 in Grapevine

A. The high school hosts a student-driven art show periodically and there was one scheduled for Thursday, May 25 at 3 p.m. after school. These are not class projects. A student created a piece of artwork at home displaying the expressive faces of the President with a sign encouraging people to write on the artwork, creating a graffiti effect. Unfortunately, people chose to write obscenities on the display. The high school principal went to see the show and noticed the graffiti, he took the display down immediately and explained to the participants who were there that this was unacceptable because it violates our code of conduct.

It is important to note that the artwork and the sign are not a violation of the code of conduct. If the graffiti said positive things, it wouldn’t be a violation. What is against our code of conduct is the “use of language or gestures, or actions that are obscene, profane, perverse, overtly sexual, lewd, lascivious, indecent, vulgar or abusive.”

Inappropriate and profane language is not condoned and we hope, that in the future, matters like these are reported to the principal immediately and it will be addressed. The goal of the high school to promote respect and understanding and everyone plays a role.