Hello. As a high school senior I have had the opportunity to use the district wide google accounts and it has been a great addition for a 21st century student. However, some, not all, teachers have yet to start using their shenschools gmail accounts as their main account. Some of my teachers tell us that it is inconvenient for them to switch over from their shenet emails. Other sparingly check it. This makes communication with our teachers harder than it should be, especially when trying to ask for college recommendation letters or for extra help. Is there anyway to fix this issue? thank you.

Written by on November 3, 2017 in Grapevine

A.  Students can also email their teachers at their shenet.org account.  Staff addresses are the same same with the exception of the domain name, first four letters of the last name, first four letters of the first name @shenet.org or @shenschools.org.