Hello. I am a senior here at Shen and I have read an article today that has left me with some concerns. I do not really want to reignite an old debate, but I feel that this is too important of a point to be ignored. Under recent policies, many of the HSE bathrooms are locked and mostly unavailable to prevent students from vaping. I understand the intent and purpose of these actions, though, as someone who does not vape, I can still think of a thousand reasons why this is a generally poorly executed idea, reasons which have been brought up by again and again by others before. However, an article I read mentioned a point that I hadn’t thought of, and that I haven’t seen brought up before (it may have been and I’m just not aware). I was reading an article that came across my newsfeed about the Parkland shooting in Florida last year that discussed the mistakes made by the school district that could have prevented some of what happened. One of these things sounded extremely similar to what Shen has done: locking bathrooms to prevent vaping. During the Parkland shooting, according to this article, students became stranded in the hallway. One reason for this was because the bathrooms were locked and they could not enter them in order to attempt to hide. One student was killed outside a locked bathroom. While hiding in a bathroom under such circumstances may not be the safest option, it is much better than being trapped in a hallway. If the bathrooms in that hallway during the Parkland shooting were unlocked, lives could have been saved. It could have given students a better chance at survival. I do not know if this point has been brought up before or if Shen has taken this into consideration when choosing to lock bathroom doors. I am graduating from Shen so soon these policies will have zero impact on me at all, but I could not read that article and not bring up this point, because I believe it is something that should be considered, as we should be learning from the mistakes of other schools where such tragedies occurred in order to further secure the safety of current and future Shen students.

Written by on June 5, 2019

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