Hello, I hope you are safe and healthy. :) I am an alum applying to graduate school and I took a course at Shen for college credit through St. Rose. I need to report the course grade for my application, but I believe St. Rose has furloughed a number of employees. I ordered this over 10 days ago and they said 3-5 so I’m not sure when it will arrive. With that being said, can I order a transcript through Shen? I saw there was a form I needed to fill out online, but I see you are only accepting cash since the cost is only $2.50. I’m guessing that there is a new form of payment since nobody is on campus. What are my next steps? Thank you!

Written by on May 14, 2020

A. Any transcript requests or folks needing assistance can email either Pam Keiper or Nikki Mulligan directly in the Counseling Center.