Hello, I’m a Catholic student who goes to High school west and I have some questions about the room set up for praying. Is the school paying for it? If so, then isn’t it a violation of separation of church and the state? I understand that the room is there already but it costs money to maintain it and I was wondering where that money is coming from. I also understand that I am able to use it, but I’m against it if it’s coming from tax payer dollars, and I’m not sure how people can considerate it hateful to be against supporting the prayer room if it’s open for everyone. Thank you

Written by on June 7, 2017 in Grapevine

A. The room is not set up for praying. There are no religious anything in the room. It is currently an unused office space that we are allowing students to use if they need a private spot to fulfill their religious obligations. We have a Christian prayer group that prays around our flag pole that is also maintained by the district. The separation of church and state is about teaching religion.