Hi, I am a dasher for Doordash and also alumni of Shen (grad of 2008). I know that school has started today and I wanted to know what the policy is for students that order from doordash during the school day and have the food sent to the school? I know that cellphones aren’t allowed during the school day (I know that from experience), however that potentially won’t stop a student from ordering at Doordash.com. Now I would imagine that if it were faculty ordering doordash, that would be okay, but on my app I wouldn’t be able to see if it were a student or faculty until I arrive. I only ask this question because other delivery drivers have been having similar issues regarding this same question.

Written by on September 9, 2019

A. None of those services are allowed in school. The only time food should be delivered is if there is a function that is being catered.