Hi! I have two questions. My first is are me and my fellow students going to have a chance to go back to the school and get our belongings from our lockers? For me and other students didn’t grab everything when we found out we were leaving for only two weeks at the time. My other question is, At the moment what are Shen’s stances on Summer School? There has been talk of it and Cuomo says he will make his decision by the end of this month. Those are my questions, Thank you! (Also, I hope you are staying safe, Because I know your a really person who answers these)

Written by on May 14, 2020

A. With regard to picking up your personal belongings, you should have heard from you principal as to the schedule to do so. If not, please contact the main office. With regard to summer school, we are in the process of planning and make decisions on that. More information to follow.